by Never Explain
originally published at 07:12PM on Friday, November 23, 2007

A hand was over her mouth with tears in her eyes.
“You..you poor thing.” She choked out.
“It’s nothing” I said, a little embarrassed that my hopefully future boss was choking back tears just about my average life.
“You must be..so…so hurt.”
“Um, yeah.” I began “But I’m over her now, and I need this money to get back home. So will you hire me?”
“Yes..of course, you are hired.
“Great! I’ll start tomorrow.” I said.
I got up and as I walk up to the door Mary followed suit. We walked up through the kitchen and into the crowded restaurant.
as I turned away from the door to say goodbye to Mary, but instead of a warm call of ‘See you tomorrow Mrs. Hadaway!’
I remembered something.
I don’t have anywhere to stay!
I turned and made eye contact with Mary.
“I don’t have any place to stay!” I called over the din of the chatting crowd
“You don’t?!” Mary called back.
“No, you know a place?”
“Better than that!”




  • from .:band baby:.:

    is she going to let him stay with her? maybe. 5*’s