WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!? *ficlet challenge

by Sophia D'Soleil
originally published at 02:29AM on Sunday, November 25, 2007

The movie was great and was only made better by the presence of my boyfriend Scott and his sweet kisses. As it ended, i started to feel shaky and dizzy. I grabbed onto a seat near me to steady myself. I smiled at him and told him not to worry. I left him for the bathroom, maybe some cold water on my face would do the trick. It didn’t.
I shook, as i walked back to where he was standing, but i didn’t want to go home. I tried to hide it as we walked down to the ice cream place. And then it started. My whole body was really shaking. It was jarring, i had to sit down. Scott was worried, though i told him not to be. I told him to get me whatever he was getting and went to shiver violently at the first table i saw. As soon as i sat down i felt like i had to walk. My whole body was shaking and it was starting to scare me. I didn’t know what to do. I had to walk, but it only got worse as we went out in the cold. I couldn’t breathe, i couldn’t speak. My eyes welled up with frightened tears. What was wrong with me?