Hiding In Plain Sight

by Capital "W" Writer (LoA's Geekus Awesomeus)
originally published at 11:18PM on Sunday, November 25, 2007

“Oh, please,” Heather snorted, turning back to her computer. “It’s an RPG . Are you going to tell me a Toreador created it?” She laughed.

“No,” Tony said, an odd smirk on his face. “They just provided the artwork.”

Heather stopped and turned back to him. “You’re serious. You really think they exist?”

“Oh, we do. It’s why we made this game. Where better to hide than in plain sight?” He laughed.

Heather stood slowly, started edging away from him. “Tony, the clans, the Masquerade, it’s all just a game. Vampires aren’t real. Or are you?”

Tony sighed. “You mean you’ve really never noticed? Heather, in the years we’ve been friends, how many times have we had lunch, gone to the beach. Hell, done anything between dusk and dawn?”

She stopped. He was right. She had never seen him out at midday. In ten years, never. A smile started to creep across her face. “So, if it’s all real, which clan are you?”

“Does it matter?”

“Of course it matters!” She chuckled. “You think I want to spent an eternity as a Malkavian?!”


  • from Jenunique:

    LOVED IT !!!! It was perfect! BTW , it was actually an Assamite that said it. ;) I used to be so caught up in this game that it was seeping into real life. I have decided that people can really be divided into the 13 clans (with Antitribu included) but still the creators at White Wolf had it nailed down. Five stars for the perfectness of extending the situation!

  • from Ariel Christian:

    I, for one, wouldn’t mind spending eternity as a Malkavian. I’d rather be completely loony than have a penchant for making living sculptures a la Tzimisce or getting down with my dead relatives a la Giovanni.

  • from Capital "W" Writer (LoA's Geekus Awesomeus):

    And I can’t say that I blame you. :) I wouldn’t mind being a Malkavian with Multiple Personality Disorder. That way you always know you’re never alone. ;)

  • from Jenunique:

    My choices….True Brujah. Just because I like the idea of having control over time a’la Temporis. I did once have a Malkavian character, Joan AhVark. Yeah, little touched, however had an obsession with gaining knowledge. I think I learned more useless trivia during my stay as Joan than with my best Cappadocian. ;)

  • from Capital "W" Writer (LoA's Geekus Awesomeus):

    I’ve always been a Toreador. I would have loved to been able to play out my one Tory’s background. A Toreador in love with a Stargazer Galliard werewolf. Had fun making up his background. :D

  • from Jenunique:

    I just came back and read the comments. I had a Toreador for a couple of years. She had an obsession with the Assamite Clan, even “disguised” herself as one. Needless to say, once she met her demise, my next persona was Assamite, afterall I already had a very good idea of how to play them. Loved it. Still though, True Bru, when you can find them, are the way to go. ;) Throw in an invitation to the Tal and you are set for unlife. ;D