by The Wait Child
originally published at 03:30AM on Monday, November 26, 2007

The second crying fit came three days later.

He stood hunched over the kitchen sink, detergent bubbles gloving his limp hands.

Only when the shattering of the plate on the floor pierced his consciousness did the sobs become uncontrollable.

He felt his brothers strong hand lock around his shoulders.

“I loved her, man,? he choked, rivers of salt streaming into the corners of his mouth.

“I know.?

He pushed his wet face into his brothers and managed to plead through a veil of tears “Then tell me what happened.?

He saw a whisper of apology in his brothers dark eyes before he dropped his arm and left the room without looking back, his head bowed.

He knelt to the ground and picked up the shards of plate that cut his fingers, noisy sobs violently shaking his upper body.