Birds long for the sun

by Blossom Ruoquen
originally published at 12:04AM on Tuesday, November 27, 2007

You’ve seen a butterfly wing across the sky
and you’ve seen such wicked things
that you just keep wondering why.

so I fly, I fly so high, so high
“please, please, don’t deceive me this time?

You still wander in and out of clouds
waiting for the past.
This initial act for a last request is fading out too fast

Your dainty face reveals a smile, yet your down-cast gaze, denial.
You’re racing fast to avoid this crash –
this dangerous revile.

But I know, I know that I’m blinded by your glowing smile
“Please, please, just receive me one time?

You want escape, so escape away
to darkness. Don’t look back.

So undo your grasp, release you clutch.
One final act, your final touch.
Relinquish all your earthly binds
and never look behind.

“Please, please, don’t deceive this last time?

Your above the clouds as you look down
at your abandoned souls. You frown.
One glance towards me then to the sea,
and you wait without a sound.

So I fly, I fly so far down, far down
“Please, Please don’t deceive me this time?




  • from Blossom Ruoquen:

    I know this isn’t very clear with its subject…I hope you (the reader) don’t have too much trouble following it hopeful smile
    This poem is trying to portray the intense longing that can be experienced (such as between a bird and the sun) where you would do anything for your desire – even if its self-detrimental.

  • from Brebelles:

    i like it acually.