by yoITSme
originally published at 04:33PM on Tuesday, November 27, 2007 mature

i dont want to publish this actually. take me off
please dont get mad



  • from Nick:

    I would love to find milkshakes for a mere dollar in this day and age… damn, I love me some milkshakes.

    You obviously could’ve gone a bit further with this concept, but what you did was find and dandy.

  • from Nick:

    I’m sorry to say, yoITSme, that — as far as I know — once you publish something it can’t be deleted. You can edit it and rewrite it, but not delete it. Strange, I know.

  • from Howie Amourscow:

    Actually, you can effectively “delete” a piece by going into “edit” and then marking the piece as a draft. That will remove the ficlet from general view, although any editors you’ve designated will still be able to get to it if they look for it.
    I’m curious as to what was wrong with this. It was removed when I got to it. I have a hard time to imagine there was a problem with it.
    yoITSme, nobody’s going to be mad at you, but if you’re censoring yourself, we might be sad at you. Be brave, and publish.

  • from Nick:

    Right on, Howie, right on… I’m not mad with anyone, just to be clear.

    And, if Howie’s correct (which he usually is), then you now know how to remove this ficlet.

  • from Alexa ♥:

    I agree with Howie. It’s rather sad that you pulled your story off. Given Nick’s review, it sounded quite interesting.
    And he is right about the “edit” mode. I’ve done that myself.