Love and Like. Whats the dif?

by Quarter Step
originally published at 06:16PM on Tuesday, November 27, 2007

This all started in my freshman year. Yea, thats right. I’m freshmeat. Freshman if you will. For privacy only initials would be used.
Its been 4 years since i like P.E. Yea, I liked him since 6th grade. Yea, like. Then a month ago we started going out. And everything was great. Until I found out he might be moving. I even told him that I wanted my first time to be with him. Yea i told him. I thought he would flip out and say WTF !!! but he didnt. He said the thing is im planning on waiting til I’m married. That means if we go out through high school that i have a chance in my junior year.
Whats the difference between love and like? Well, what i found out is that your in love if you cant stop thinking about the person, read their text over an over again, and if you cant stay mad at them for over a minute. Well, all those things are true with me and P.E.
Me and P.E are happily together
(sigh) High school. Sweet one minute and then Bitter the next. But what can we do but just love it.




  • from ♠Ana Cristina♥:

    The narration here is bittersweet, and it reminds me of my (not too distant, I hope!) experience being “freshmeat” in high school. You have a few spelling mistakes which could easily be avoided by turning on your spell checker. Just right click on your mouse and check off where it says “Spell check this field.”