Silver Dream 6

by Blossom Ruoquen
originally published at 10:33PM on Tuesday, November 27, 2007

She also remembered how her father had leaned slightly back from the steering wheel to give her that smile and impart some of his wisdom in the ways of Mr. and Mrs. Potato-head arguments. She remembered seeing the truck out of the side window try to sop. Remembered the side of the truck sliding towards them. Remembered darkness.

A surge of pain shooting up her right calf. This was not her memory any longer. A scream. Someone calling her name. A throbbing in her shoulder. Darkness.

She felt so cold.
A searing pain in her eyes brought her back to reality. She sat up with a start but remembered not to try to open her eyes in time to avoid the stinging pain that would ensue. Only for a severe throbbing in her head to cause her to lay back down.

Wait, when had she lain down in the first place? where was the animal, or whatever it was?
Everything was silent.