How i fell in love with My best friend's Boyfriend

by howhardlifeis
originally published at 05:42PM on Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Overly gelled Brown hair, Big amazing Blue eyes, big sign that reads ” Margaret Stevenson”, It must be him! ” Hi, I’m margaret…I’m so sorry but i was delayed, they were having a problem scanning my bags”. He leaned over to take my bags as he said ” No problem, anything for one of samantha’s friends”. She was right, He IS gorgeous! ” So, how is Samantha?”.Oh My God, his voice is pretty amazing..if only he would stop putting so much gel in his hair..”Hellooo…” I quickly realized that he had said something and that i didn’t hear it because i was too busy gazing at his amazing features. “Uhh….yeah sure!”. I hope he doesn’t think i’m stupid or something..after all he is my roommate,samantha’s boyfriend of 2 years.And it’s only my first day in the United states since i went away to college in England, i don’t want to already wish i was back. I want to enjoy my time. “What do you mean by uhh,sure? Is she sick?What’s wrong with her?”.He seems to have asked me how samantha was doing. “Oh no she is perfectly fine


  • from unknown and not discovered....:

    This is cute. But its a little confusing at the part when he, “says how is samantha?” You make it seem like Samantha and him are going out. but if they are wouldn’t she be there with him? So again back to that qusetion… Why did he ask her how samantha was doing? :l -Wait is she (samantha) in england? if she is…. then i totally get it now. :p

  • from howhardlifeis:

    yeah samantha is in is why it needs a prequel

  • from Lone Writer:

    I liked it very cute.
    Boys, why do they get to be so hot??

    I LOVE the Jonas Brothers!

  • from Ms Pixy Stik:

    this was cuute