My final crushing defeat.

by drob
originally published at 02:07PM on Tuesday, March 27, 2007

At the Alice Springs airport Norma and I took
Dramamine before shipping out. Mine worked fine and although Norma did not have to commune with the bag, she did feel a little queasy for most of the day. I load up on Dramamine for any flight. Dramamine, Advil, and more sleep. ...and a Rum &
Coke wouldn’t hurt.

Alice uses boarding ladders rather than jet-ways So you just walk down a movable staircase in the rain. Jet-ways are like a highway in the sky and in the summer those jet-ways get really hot but then again I don’t care cause I’m usually doped up on dramamine by then. Is it really that bad? Should I drug myself up and make sure I am asleep?

Hauled into space. Save me from the fiery crash. No Lunch ‘til Terra Firma baby!

My final crushing defeat. Between jet-ways and dramamine that’s where I met my waterloo.

Help, I want to know what I am getting into.