So much for being friends

by howhardlifeis
originally published at 09:38PM on Wednesday, November 28, 2007

“C’mon go ask him, he’s right there” Said Julie giving me a push toward joe.
“Hey joe”
“Hey ashley, how’s it going?” He replied
” Everything is okay, uhhh i just wanted to know if you were doing anything this friday?”
“nah, did you have anything in mind?”
“Well…i thought that maybe you and i can go get ice cream or something”
“Oh ashley, i’m sorry…i just remembered that i have football practice.”
“Oh that’s okay, maybe another time then”
“Yeah, see you around”
“Yeah…see you around” i said as he walked away, i dragged my feet all the way to science, where i told julie what happened
as i walked home, i rrealized that julie probably wan’t doing anything either so i started walking toward her house.As i walked past carvel, i sighed, that couple in there feeding each other ice cream could’ve been joe and i ,i thought.Then i realized..wait a minute that is Joe.So who is the girl..not me obviously.The girl turns around only to my surprise and’s Julie.
Julie,my friend.