A Day in the Life of a Straight A Student

by Dance With the Devil
originally published at 06:50PM on Saturday, December 01, 2007 mature

A shrill beep trudges through a foggy jungle. Inevitability tugs eyes open. Habit pushes body through the morning routine.

School. Turn in homework. Stay awake only long enough to observe that the window sill in American Studies feels softer than the window sill in chemistry, but both are better than the hard desk in math. Friends call with lunch plans, told as long as they drive. A quick ride to the lot behind Domino’s Pizza. Take a drag of the blunt until the pizza tastes like candied spaghetti. Back at school, drift through class half awake. Notice nothing other than that everyone stares and the english teacher makes the fluorescent lights buzz and flicker as a means of punishment.

Home. Mind burnt out. Drift into a deep slumber. Disturbed after nightfall by mom asking about the gym. Give a simple lie. Meet up with friends, smoke Los Dos. Let mind wander through a foggy jungle.

Back home. Total relaxation, find comfort in the bed sheets and pillows. Sleep hits like a marshmellow hammer.




  • from Mistress Elsha Hawk:

    This is disturbing, because it seems so accurate. I like your last line best. But I’m left wondering how the student gets straight A’s…natural genius?