The Light of the Empire part VI

by Harpo Kennedy (the hidden brother)
originally published at 10:02PM on Tuesday, March 27, 2007

“Wizards”, Kaijan thought disgustedly. “What the hell are those useless fools doing here”?

And as luck would have it, one of them stumbled into the clearing and saw Kaijan and the Prince. Before Kaijan could do anything, the horseman called out to his fellows.

Moments later, the entire polo team from the Empire’s capital, the Ward Haven Wizards had assembled themselves in the clearing. Their captain, Darell Fuselier dismounted and said, “Prince Klamert, whatever brings you to this remote place? And in the company of…one such as he”?

Klam, being rebellious in his own small way, had never favored the Wizards. He was a fan of the brash team from Lesser Fontana, the Flames. In a fit of pique, he said, “You dare question me and the company I choose? Beg my forbearance and be gone.”

Darell led his team away without another word. Kaijan had no idea what had prompted the prince’s response, but he approved of the result.




  • from PixelFish:

    A polo team!!!!! Hehehe…

    You know I’m starting to envision the Empire like some weird cross between Colonial India and a fantasy world. The polo team only reinforces that…