Cinderella [Maybe_Miseryx's Christmas Challenge]

by Living In Wonder Land ♠
originally published at 09:14PM on Sunday, December 02, 2007

Cinderella sat on the cold floor of the bathroom. Well not really, Maria sat on the cold hard bathroom. Her hand pushing the sponge as hard as it would push on the white porcelain tub for the third time. She could hear mother laughing away outside the door. This cinderella had long brunette hair, that fell undernearh her chest, with big brown eyes filled with sadness. Her mother yelled at her from behind the old wodden door. Her eyes grew deeper with sadness. She was cold and her body hurt from cleaning. Tears slowly trickled down her eyes as she scrubbed away at the tub. She blinked them away, she didnt want to break down, she wasnt gonna let up. This is what had made her so sad, she had to keep everything inside. And this Cinderella doseant have a fairy godmother. She has nothing but her hopes and dreams which slowly fade with every tear she holds back. She would just sit there waiting for the day her prince charming would come that would save her and for the fairygodmother that could take away her sadness.




  • from RunningWithScissors:

    dont worry.
    prince charming is famous for getting lost. and terribly too stubborrnn to ask for directions. ;]