Loved that Losing Feeling

by Russell Ruffino
originally published at 01:38PM on Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The game was getting tense, we were both down to the black ball, you’d been losing until now, but the black was giving me trouble. I lined up the perfect shot, the shot that was sure to hit the black just right and send it slowly but surely into the middle left pocket. Then I moved the cue imperceptibly to the left and took the shot.

The black hit the edge of the pocket, and as it as going slowly, didn’t bounce out very far, I sagged in disappointment and we made eye contact. “If you were any good at this game I’d probably be worried about losing right now.” I challenged confidently.

“Oh, yeah. Watch this then.” You moved around the table to a better position and potted the ball almost perfectly. “Drinks are on you then, loser” you teased, as I turned to get the drinks.

As I walked to the bar I looked back to see you smiling over the victory, I hoped it’d keep you smiling for the rest of the night. If you knew how much I liked that smile then you’d know that I hadn’t lost at all. Not by a long shot.