Still My Boo Part 2 (New Beginnings Series)

by Ms Pixy Stik
originally published at 12:17PM on Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I left my apartment, with my Ipod in my ears listening to Aaliyah singing The One I Gave My Heart To. Wondering the exact same thing she was singing. How could the one I gave my heart to break my heart so bad? Then I hear that voice, that voice that I’ve been missing, say my name, “Mystique!?, like it was a dream.
I quickly turn around to see if it was him. “Yes, wait Jay??
“You remember??
“Of course.?
He stood, not saying a word, and neither did I. I didn’t know what to say. After the break-up I rehearsed a million things to say to cuss him out in case I ever say him again. But now, standing in front of him, they all went away. The only thing I wanted to do was kiss him, to feel his soft lips on mine. I knew he wanted to do the same because the exact moment I thought it, he pulled me close to him and gently kissed my lips.




  • from lilm155fly:

    GOd why does this seem so familiar!!!!!!!!!!! maybe cause this same damn thing happened to me the other night…..and the strange part his name is jay…..did you write this before i told you what happened at the mall missy?????