storyline to Tangled Web

by yoITSme
originally published at 04:35PM on Wednesday, December 05, 2007

kay just so you guys know who everyone is:
rth904: Rose Hineberg, biggest gossiper to stand on this earth. She like Kyle Frasier
scrsweetie: Amanda Pyle, loves soccer and like Jason Parr
mooquackoink: Jason Parr, most popular guy at school, great at pretty much every sport and like Nikki Summet
bballPLAYA500: Chad Mickaff, hottest guy at school, best friends with Jason and likes all girls, he’s the biggest player ever
OMGitssNiKKi: Nikki Summet, loves soccer and baking cookies. Likes Jake Young
jpyfootball67: Jake Young, amazing football player and hockey player. Likes Rose Hineburg. Wishes any girl would like him.
hiimKYLE: Kyle Fraiser :the ladys man. Likes Amanda Pyle.