Another Grisly Crime Scene in Lake Derry

by RicoLaser
originally published at 05:04PM on Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Fred Coomer’s legendarily handsome face was no longer present in its traditional perch upon his skull; it was, instead, pasted in pieces on the headboard of his bed, along with bone fragments, brain matter, and the .45 caliber bullet that had caused such a mess. And placed on the refrigerator in the kitchen, held by a novelty magnet from Six Flags Over Texas, was a note.

It was a hell of a demoralizing sight for nine o’clock in the morning on a Monday…

Jefferson pulled out the other two notes he’d received, both of which matched the new note in nearly every aspect. Phrasing and word choice were identical, and they were all on receipts from the hardware store. There was only one difference, but it was a mightily important one, he believed.

The three notes were in three different sets of handwriting.

Three notes. Three sets of handwriting. Caleb Ridgway’s three wives, one of whom was the mother of the latest victim. Was Jefferson stretching it?

He decided he’d interview the ladies and find out.


  • from uselessness:

    Dang son, at this rate the whole town’ll be dead by tomorrow morning!

  • from NatalyaI:

    I’d add on a sequel, but I wouldn’t want to mess up whatever you guys seem to have in mind here.

    Keep at it! I’d love to see where this goes next.

  • from uselessness:

    I wish I knew what we have in mind. Writing a mystery with a stranger is tricky… every time I introduce a new clue or some foreshadowing, my co-author takes it in a direction I never expected. And I’m sure I do the same for his. Here’s hoping we can tie it all together at some point! ;-)

  • from RicoLaser:

    You know, I have a sort of general idea of whodunnit, and that hasn’t gotten screwed up yet. And if it does, I’ll adjust. The hard part is getting enough exposition out there that it’ll make sense.

    This whole “writing a mystery without consulting each other” thing is good practice – keeps you on your toes.

  • from White Hat:

    Quickly surpassing hollywood mysteries, it is.