Eric and Ruqayyah-He forgot?!

by howhardlifeis
originally published at 01:30AM on Saturday, December 08, 2007

“So, how long have you guys been together…like a year or two?? Laila asked carelessly. She didn’t understand how much he meant to me. We have been together for two years and our anniversary is tomorrow. What do I get him? “Two!?I said and started to walk away and think about what I should get him. Hat…sneakers…hmm I don’t know…i need help.So i ask none other than his best friend, Louis. He said a personal letter would be okay.
Next day
As soon as I wake up, I give Eric a call.
“Good morning baby?. I say “Are you excited for today??There is a minor, but awkward pause. “Helloo?
“Hey, sorry Ruqayyah, I was just thinking?. Did he forget? Oh my God, he forgot our anniversary.?About what??I ask hoping that what I’m thinking isn’t true.
We talk a little and I don’t mention anything, we practically don’t talk for the rest of the day. It seems he really did forget. I grab my coat and go to see a movie with some friends.
As I opened the door to my house, “SURPRISE!?
He remembered!




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    it was cute, but it could use some major proofreading.

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    Thanks and i definetely tried to fix some mistakes in the story..I hope it’s better now