Rehab-"Simon rebuilds his life"

by howhardlifeis
originally published at 01:51AM on Saturday, December 08, 2007

“Stop! Please Stop!”. Ariel pleaded as he continued to rape her.
He Ignored her.
Simon was Ariel’s ex-boyfriend of 5 months. She stopped seeing him once he started doing marijuana. He started hanging out with the “Cool” kids.They smoked weed, so of course he started to smoke as well. But he didn’t always smoke weed..There was a process involved; first cigarettes, then other drugs then marijuana.

He finally stopped, the weed-effect probably faded.He walked away, and didn’t turn around at all. Ariel just layed there, she felt so naked, so used.”You need help!” She screamed as he walked away. Ariel didn’t tell anyone about what had happened.

A year later
The phone rings
“Hello?”. Ariel answers.
“Hi, ariel please don’t hang up, this is Simon and i need to see you.Meet me at…..”

They meet. “I’ve been sober for 5 months now. I just checked out of rehab, i’m much better now, i’m sorry, i’m so sorry.”
He was being honest. “I can’t forgive you!”. Ariel didn’t seem to be impressed. She leaves.