From A to Z (part 7)

by Culture Shock w/ Mike Schwartz
originally published at 11:51PM on Sunday, December 09, 2007

“I can’t go to a hospital,? she gasped. “Hospitals ask questions, Aiden. Dad didn’t mean to do this. It was an accident. When he’s sober he couldn’t even hurt a fly.?

“But that’s the thing, Zee. He’s rarely sober. Look let’s just get you checked out and maybe we can get your dad help with his drinking.?

“But they’ll take him away. I don’t want to be alone,? she begged.

“You won’t be alone. I’m right here and I’m never letting go,? he promised. With that she conceded and they made their way to the ER.

As soon as they walked in, nurses whisked Xailey off for x-rays. Aiden had to wait and fill out paperwork and then they escorted him to a 2nd floor waiting room.

Within 15 minutes, his mom – a night shift nurse – came running down the hall. “Oh baby, Claudia from downstairs told me she saw you come in. Is everything okay? What happened?? she questioned.