Home at Last

by Hunting Beauty
originally published at 01:21PM on Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Just as they were five feet from their houses, Abbie stopped.
When Alexia relize that Abbie had stopped, she turned around and walked up to Abbie.
“What’s wrong?” Alexia asked with a worried look.
“We can’t tell our parents where we’ve been. They’d never believe us. They’d think we were lying and get mad at us.” Abbie answered as she stared at her house.
“You’re right. I hadn’t even thought of that.” Alexia replied. “But if we can’t tell them the truth, what will we tell them?”
“We’ll tell them the part about it getting extremely foggy, but instead of telling them about the monster attacking us, we’ll tell them that we got lost because we couldn’t see in the fog and that we found a nearby cave and fell asleep inside and then we couldn’t find our way out and eventually found an opening in the top of the cave and we’ll tell them how we climbed out and then ended up by the orange tree. And how we found out where the house was from there.” Abbie answered.
“Okay. That’s what we’ll tell them.”