by yoITSme
originally published at 05:16PM on Wednesday, December 12, 2007

She was just too cool. Jamie thought as she looked at pictures from her schools “it girl” facebook. The newest album (my new room!) was the recent talk of the school. There was one picture that Jamie loved. There was a real, authentic sign from the beach hanging from her door.
NO shirt, NO shoes, NO problem. Only Morgan could pull that off. And could still look hot next to her ambercrombie model good looks boyfriend, Justin. She could pull that off to. Jamie hasd an obssession. She stalked Morgans every move. She wanted to be Morgan Allison Walker. Anything to be as smart, attractive, athletic or cool. Anything to be an all-star soccer player without being a jock.
Wait a second. Jamie was a all star soccer player…
Jaime opened a new tab and typed in the website of Morgan’s soccer team, the Bulls. The Bulls were the soccer royalty. As the page loaded, Jamie saw the exact words she craved to see-TRYOUTS-TUEDAY AND 4 :00! Today was Monday. Tryouts were tomorrow. And she still had to finish her homework.