I will ALWAYS remember you

by Luna
originally published at 12:35PM on Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dearest OE, (I will never call you anything else. I learned your real name two years ago and I’m still confused on how you spell it. :P )
I know I’m not your sister or anything… But I am your cousin. I love you so much and Camille does too. I can’t believe you’re gone. The one really clear memory that I have of you is when we were spinning around nude on the beach until we fell over. (That was on your 18th B-day.) I’m so sad I’ll never be able to see you dance so beautifully anymore. In my memory of course, but not right in front of me. I know how much you loved to dance and sing and play your violin. I was (am, I still am) so jealous. You looked so cute when you came to my house in your spandex golden monkey pants, and you and Blossom did your toy dance for us. You were always so nice to me. I remember how sad I was when I looked through my clothes as I packed and I found that blue hoodie you loved so much. I really wish I’d given it to you.