Redefinition of "Ever"

by The Lady
originally published at 12:39AM on Friday, December 14, 2007

She talked me into a mask. No one else could talk me into that. Green goop is all over my face, and for some some reason we can’t stop laughing. A crack is made about how I look like Elphaba, and this actually makes me happier about it all.

We are such girls. I would never have believed, 5 years ago, I’d ever agree to being a princess for Halloween. But as it is, I’m happy for the change. I’m happy that, for this moment, I’m without a worry of the life that’s been haunting me. All that concerns me is soda (Mountain dew code red), and the movie Amelie and this weird green stuff all over my face.

If we had never met, I’d never have found so many things. Found the love of being silly. Found that maybe church isn’t so bad at all. That weird stuff tastes good together. And when I pull my bangs away from my eyes, I’m actually kind of pretty.

If I’ll keep anything from this part of my life, it’s these lessons. These things beyond classes and boys, and within what makes friends best friends and refines “ever”.




  • from Ben Paddon:


  • from BARomero:

    This is a well done little moment. Good job!

  • from uselessness:

    It’s a nice little vignette, and then, as suddenly as it came, it’s gone. It’d make a good prologue for a memoir, I think.

  • from White Hat:

    I’m not sure I agree. It’s got more the quality of a haiku. Fragile in its brevity. With more added, it might lose that snapshot-ness that makes it so appealing.

  • from Saint Chuck:

    This made me sad, it reminds me of all of the friends I had to leave behind. Great story, just disregard me.

  • from TrickyDevil:

    wow. great story. i want to know more!!!! what happened 5 years ago? how did they become friends?

  • from THX 0477:

    Very nice, as everyone has said. I liked how I was wondering what the crap the title was all about right up until the end, and then BAM , oh, I get it. How nice.