I Remember This... (Pt 1)

by Freedom
originally published at 08:48PM on Saturday, December 15, 2007 mature

I Remember This…
I remember far too many things.The shape of his big and brown head;the way he smirked at me;the way he tortured me. Marcus. The sinster, the horrid, the small and short little 8th grade boy I feared for almost a month. He was just there, talkin to me, bothering me, daring me. daring me to fight back…to make him stop…to push him off of me just so he could do it again. To hurt me inside and outside the little devil named Marcus. The malevolent person, who should not be labeled a person for MONSTER is better. Him he it marred my mind, did anything without fondled actions to me. No he wasn’t my boyfriend, no he wasn’t even my friend. He was just there. Making sure i wouldn’t tell, making sure i wouldn’t fight back against his arduous self, making sure he tormented me, making sure i was afraid. Invariable Marcus, petulant Marcus, the boy in charge of collusion throughout my 8th grade year. Why was he so horrible anyway? I feel so confused and stupid. Just…great.