An Ode to My Final Exam Week

by Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy
originally published at 11:58PM on Sunday, December 16, 2007

Without fail each term comes
to a halting conclusion without
ever having a chance to breathe

Professors with their abundance of
infinite wisdom decide to see how
many lecture I slept through by means
of a final exam

The binders from Spanish and chemistry
and method classes line my kitchen table
each spiral full of
-chicken scratch
-happy face doodles
each line looked
to me

I questioned why I
skipped class that day
Why running errands seemed
more productive on another
And I pondered if I didn’t show up to
my final exam what
grade I would receive

However many tens of thousands of
dollars seemed to be
draining down
my kitchen sink with the unfinished
bowl of ramen noodles and uneaten

Five more days til I can
Toss my three weeks worth of dirty
laundry into my boyfriend’s car to
drive home for my
four weeks off for good behavior

Until then
I needed to learn how to read
what looks like Greek
and try to care
about chemistry
and Spanish
and teaching philosophies of dead guys