The Glory of The Gods

by Culture Shock w/ Mike Schwartz
originally published at 08:40PM on Monday, December 17, 2007

Long before Egypt was even a nation that stood before the world, a world stood upon a mountain. Don’t roll your eyes, for the mountain of Olympus was real, this I can attest to personally.

The gods of Olympus were numerous and varied in power and domain. From Apollo the god of sun and light to Kronos the god of eternal time, Gaia, the mother earth for all, to Hera, goddess of families and wife to the great king of the gods, Zeus. These were the original immortals. The ones legends were made of.

Now Zeus had a brother who lives on in mythology under a light far different than reality. This being the great Hades, god not of the underworld but of the undead. This title confused many unbelieving scholars and philosophers and hence was changed to the one you are undoubtably familiar with.

Hades was positioned in charge of all those “others” that lived among the mortals. Those ones from myths and gore. Those ones who walk among you, under the strict confines of Hades’ rule. Those ones among whom live vampires.