by Culture Shock w/ Mike Schwartz
originally published at 10:03PM on Monday, December 17, 2007

Zeus took pity on my mother, remembering his own ill-fated loves. He felt a woman as beautiful and strong-willed as her did not deserve to die, and thus he requested a favor of his brother.

Hades arranged for possession of her soul.

In a moment of deep solitude on August 12th, Cleopatra petitioned the gods of her youth. And listen they did. Hades set his arrangements in motion and a true lord of darkness appeared to my sorrowful mother.

In an instant her mortal life was ripped away with a gentle bite to her bosom. And thus the Egyptian Pharaoh known as Cleopatra VII , ceased to exist as mankind knew her.

When the guards discovered her marked body, all presumed that the asp was to blame. All that is, who survived. Which was one to be exact, since he was the first to leave to inform others of her death. Within a second, the new Cleopatra drained the blood of the other men and fled into the night to begin her new life.

On that dark night, within the womb of that woman, I was frozen with the poison of a god.




  • from JMBauhaus:

    Very cool. I hope there’s more.