The Diary

by DTT
originally published at 04:48PM on Friday, March 30, 2007

It was hard to imagine that this had once been the birthplace of mankind. That this barren dead landscape could ever have been called the ‘cradle of life.’ Stark adjusted the visor of his suit helmet to keep the sun out of his eyes and he bent to examine the object at his feet.

It was a small metal box, dented and worn. It was probably empty but even then it would be worth a fortune, if he could get it past the sentinels that guarded the planet from treasure hunters such as himself.

Back aboard his ship hidden in the little canyon just south of where he found the box he gently pried his treasure open. Inside were a few small objects, what appeared to be some sort of old image medium not too faded to make out, and a small book. On the cover it said ‘Diary.’

Stark carefully pulled open the cover and began to read…




  • from blueyedwonder:

    what an interesting idea.

  • from THX 0477:

    Very dark, nihilistic, post-apocalyptic, mercenary, commercial start to things. And I mean all those things in a good way.