Brenda's Cousin Suelyne Has Things Happen

by User 707
originally published at 09:44PM on Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Meawhile, across town, Brenda’s cousin Suelyne was strutting around her condominium. “I am so great,” she sang to herself again and again as she sprayed herself with perfume from a fancy bottle that had this kind of pump thing at the end.

Then, with a loud crash, a brick burst through the window. Suelyne screamed, and while she was screaming, she noticed the brick was wrapped in paper. She stopped screaming and removed this wrapper. On it, she found a note in brown crayon reading:

“deer missis sooleen

come outt to play


Suelyne put her hands on her hips and exhaled sharply. “That child is certainly unusual!” she noted. “And also, there is a mess. I wonder what my cousin Brenda would think about this story if I told it to her. I can’t guess.”