Sisterhood Part 3 (New Beginnings Series)

by Ms Pixy Stik
originally published at 01:22AM on Wednesday, December 19, 2007

“Well I guess we have two things to celebrate.?
“Yes, we do….wait, two things??
“Well, I saw Jay a few weeks ago.?
“You mean your ex-boyfriend Jay that you were in love with for years and then he dropped you as soon as he got some money??
“Yes that Jay.?
“Ummmm, he’s back in town??
“Yea, he is opening a law-firm here. He was here for the weekend, looking for an apartment. It was weird because I was thinking about him a lot lately and then out of no where, I ran into him. I missed him Yas and although I was mad at him for leaving me, all my anger left when I saw him. We talked for hours. He missed me too and he regrets leaving me. So, after our long talk, we decided to get back together. I know we’re going a little fast but I also told him that he could move in with me.?