Ego Libido Amo Tu In Aeternum, 5

by Amo de Tuus Aetas et Mors
originally published at 08:19PM on Saturday, December 22, 2007

“You practically lapsed!” Sephith looked panicked. “What memory of yours’ could be so strong, so emotionally tearing that you could fall into such a dramatic state, gain such a huge pool of ki, and all this- without even concentrating?!”

So it was there, on the walk back to my quarters, that I detailed to him that awful night, which were to give me magical prowess. “Actually,” Master Sephith replied to me, “in the olden times, regular students were often sent on unnecessarily perilous missions, so that when or if they failed, the torture the enemy would give them would allow them to draw upon ki easier. Alas, they’d never had to face something like that. I’m so sorry, Seracor.” I looked down at my feet. “I never wanted anyone to know, Sephith.” He put his arm around me. “I wouldn’t either. Seracor… look. Your kai-mana is so strong, I would love to put you in a personal class, where you’d be able to achieve more.” I sighed, he picked up in his solemn tone, “Can you come to the meadow at 6 A.M.?”




  • from Mighty-Joe Young:

    good cliffhanger but forget waking up before six that is crazy lokl