Ego Libido Amo Tu In Aeternum, 6

by Amo de Tuus Aetas et Mors
originally published at 08:29PM on Saturday, December 22, 2007

I thought it over for a moment. I;d be late in charges of two or three hours. I’d hate the punishment for being two or three hours late…

But on the other hand, I could learn the art of magery even earlier than the minimum graduation age of 17. Maybe even next year, at fifteen. “Okay,” I responded to the twenty two year old teacher, “I’ll accept the advanced lessons.”A smile spread across my face as I walked inside of my cottage. “Oh yeah,” Sephith called, “the buildup of ki might interfere with living.” I spun around and re-examined my hands, They were still doused in blue flame. “Clap your hands and clear mind to re-absorb the ki.” I cleansed my mind, replacing the dark memory back within the depths of my ming, and clapped my mind. The blue flames sunk into my skin again. “Good night, Master Sephith!” I shouted as he walked back to his own quarters. “Same to you!” he shouted back, and I walked into my cottage. After a small meal comprised of potatoes, I went to sleep, awaiting a new day.




  • from Amo de Tuus Aetas et Mors:

    This is gonna be the last ficlet in the series for awhile. D: Christmas holidays interfere with writing.

  • from flute faerie:

    Ooh, I like this. It’s really different, and interesting to read.

  • from Amo de Tuus Aetas et Mors:

    :) It’s part of a long running series. A bit strange, but… whatever. Feel free to write your own endings, or whatever, because until Christmas (or after!) I probably won’t.

    In fact, I encourage others’ sequeling or prequeling of this series. The official story will be all written by me, though.