Just to go along with everyone else...5 things

by N555champ /\and/\ X-Ninja
originally published at 10:34AM on Monday, December 24, 2007

1. People who call soccer/futbol a girl sport are total retards.

2. VH1 is better than MTV by far

3. If you haven’t ever seen a Will Ferrell/Jim Carey/etc. movie you’re missing an essential part of life.

4.(No offense) Christmas is way better than the other holidays…especially scientologymas..Presents every night for a week (Hanukkah) would be nice

5. 5 Is the best number, beacause it is easy to multiply/divide with, it is annoying that it is odd



  • from Emotes:

    Sry I don’t agree w/ #4 Halloween is the best holiday! You get to dress up (and won’t get evi stares), and get free candy, be rude to people, and scare the heck outta people! And no one cares! Also you can stay out as late as you want! Also Frank Iero was born on da 31st of Oct! So yah! Beat that!

  • from Kermitgorf:

    Hello Presents, christmas is the best