by Culture Shock w/ Mike Schwartz
originally published at 08:00PM on Wednesday, December 26, 2007

ICU . Those are three very scary letters. Just like “Critical Condition”.

She was the only one allowed in the room and she was suppose to leave by 8:00. She wasn’t suppose to talk to him. They didn’t want him to try to respond.

She couldn’t hold his hand. She was too scared to touch him. His right side was shaky. He kept leaning up. He was moving too much.

They shaved all his hair. He looked so small and frail. His head was all bandaged up. The tube leading down from the white gauze was filled with solid red. The clear vile was constantly filling up. How could there be that much blood?

How had he gone so long? He never complained about the headaches. He just got more and more confused. We thought it was hallucinations, schizophrenia. Who would have thought his brain was being crushed?

The doctors don’t know if he will ever fully recover. Time will only tell the extent of the damage. He might never walk again.

She still felt alone. She had lost her rock. In one week, her world had been tossed upside down.



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  • from wytherwings:

    omg is he gonna be ok? who is he her husband? her son? oooo plz sequel soon!!