Is That a Bug?

by More Than Meets The Eyes
originally published at 05:39PM on Friday, December 28, 2007

I rolled my eyes as my annoying sister told me yet again how “undefeatable” their soccer team was. “Is that a bug I hear? It’s been coming around our house lately.”
“Dallas, be serious. I mean c’mon I’m talkin’ 3 pointers here! How can you not be interested?!”
Once again, 3 pointers. Sure they’re only 10 years old, but I mean I’ve heard this story 100 times. No Exaggeration.

“Where is that darn bug? Here’s the swatter.”


I got up pretending to look for the supposed “bug”.

“Oh, Dallas, I found it!” my sister shouted.

Then she smacked me on the forehead.

“My bad, I thought there was a bug.”