Winning at all cost

by Kevin Devin
originally published at 12:13PM on Monday, April 02, 2007

Joel sat silently contemplating his injury. Nobody else was the slightest bit aware of his condition, but he knew this could be the one to end his career.

“Seven innings of flawless pitching, until last inning? remarked Coach Baker, “what happened with those last two batters??

“Dunno,? replied Joel, “guess they’re starting to read me.?

Joel knew he should come clean, his team deserved it. Just one more inning. One more inning, if he could hold it together, and they would be state champions.

The coach, with one foot up on the dugout steps, swept his cheek emptying out the large, spent wad of chewing tobacco flinging it to the ground then spitted repeatedly to clear the remnants from his mouth.

“I’m not taking any chances. I’m putting in Bo to finish up.?

Joel lunged to his feet.

“No way coach! This is my game! I’ve carried this team the entire season.

“Your arm is shot, I heard the pop from here in the dugout.?

The look on the coach’s face then turned to a cold stare, “I’m not loosing this game!?