The Happy Ending Part 12

by Etsuko Sohma
originally published at 02:31PM on Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Doctor: Her eyes are flickering. Nurse, get her to the emergency room! Hurry!

Please be okay… I will stay by your side…always~ Daniel

The bed is rolling, closer and closer to the emergency room… The doors open and the bed is inside. Daniel is stuck outside with @@@@@’s parents…. The emergency room light is on, brighter than ever….

As @@@@@@ is in jail, the guards outside were talking, “Hey, did you know? That girl that he shot. She was taken to the emergency room. A phone call came just now. You think she can survive that shot?...” She was taken to the emergency room… Let her overcome it! I can stay in jail forever, just let her be okay…

Hours and hours passed… These 4 people are worrying still, and praying for her to overcome this stage. Slowly, they watched the clock as 5 hours passed…. more slowly… the emergency room light went off…. Daniel and @@@@@’s parents rushed to the door, the doors slowly opening and…




  • from Etsuko Sohma:

    Please read my “The Most Determined Boy Ever” and the rest of “The Happy Ending Part…” to get the full story. If you read up to here, read my earlier ones please to get full story~

  • from Cat the Dancing Mouse:

    Omg! Noooo!!! Please! Don’t end there…..Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    Keep writing! 5 Stars!
    —Cat the Dancing Bug