Ego Libido Amo Tu In Aeternum, 8

by Amo de Tuus Aetas et Mors
originally published at 04:06PM on Thursday, January 03, 2008

My combat suit weighed an extra thirty pounds, but it now contained all of my equipment, and a fair bit of style. (Blue combat gear never goes out of style.) I hastily donned the suit and sped off at the first bell of six AM.

And so, after around ten minutes of walking, I arrived at the building. Opening the gate, the smells of the dead met me with a feeling of mild sorrow, and I blanched. I walked to a gravestone, which read, ‘Rest In Peace, Ichiwa Clan.’ My mother, father, and their parents, and theirs’, and so on, rest under this plot and quite a bit of land around it. I kneeled, combat gear clanking, uttered a short prayer unto them like I did every morning, and ran off to the training grounds at full speed.