A secret?

by artistgirlk
originally published at 05:10AM on Sunday, January 06, 2008

Finally, in 6th grade, I realized he was using me. Using me to get popularity among his friends. Using me to get cuter girls to like him. He would tell them “She never hangs out with me, I’m so lonley.” They would come up on him, “Don’t worry, we’ll keep you company!” And of course he was extremely cute, how could they hold back? But as I watched from afar, I knew I had to beat him to the punch. Somehow I had to dump him before he dumped me. But I had no idea when and where and how I would do it, so I waited for an idea.
I waited a whole entire month. It was 2 weeks before the end of school, and 1 week before our exams. I was talking to my friends during a free period, when suddenly someone grabbed my hand, hard. I turned around to see who was dragging me. It was him, my “boyfriend” who suddenly decided to tow me out of conversation and into a fast walk. I never had realized he was this strong. “Where are we going?” I asked him. “Umm…a secret.” He said, obviously unsure of what to say. “Ok?” I said.