A million more

by Black Ink
originally published at 02:44PM on Sunday, January 06, 2008

You think you can look at your phone and hit Ignore beacuse you chose how I feel, like I’m your miniature whore. And I need an exact date when my love became a bore, when my devotion was no longer enough and you needed more. And darling, go ahead and walk out but only if you’re sure because when that door closes behind you, it won’t be opening to your key anymore. You got your friends all thinking I’m some kind of stalker because here I stand an excessive talker. But here and now these words I dare not speak will from my pen to the paper leak. So when one morn you open your eyes and suddenly you remember all your “white” lies and remember my screams and all of my cries for you and your love that just siddenly dies. Tell me baby didn’t you see whe best is yet to come and that your love and hate just doesn’t equate and comes to a sum of one in a million is that you used to be but now you are nothing, no, nothing to me.




  • from KasumiRose:

    Awesome I love the emotion of this one.

  • from RunningWithScissors:

    raw and refreshing. :]

  • from Mistress Elsha Hawk:

    wrath, scorned, angry, powerful

    All these words come to mind when reading this. It is filled with emotion. I’m so glad you chose to make the rhyming words bold, the end of the stanzas if this were a rap or poem. It punctuated it and made it sing.

  • from Culture Shock w/ Mike Schwartz:

    “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”