Secretarial Work

by Valley Fey/Pinprick
originally published at 06:43PM on Monday, January 07, 2008 mature

Alice huddled behind the marble desk in the lobby, waiting for the screams to stop. He’d walked in, just walked in and the blood had started streaming. She looked at Devin, sprawled next to her on the floor, his face gone. She sobbed and turned away to dry heave against the computer case beneath her desk.

He hadn’t been down here for a while, she should be safe to leave. She pulled her cell from her bag as she moved past it and crawled from behind the desk. She moved into a low crouch and removed her heels, then ran as quickly as she could across the tiled floor, the outside world taunting her through the revolving glass door.

Shes slipped on blood, careened around the corpses of her coworkers, and finally slammed into the glass. She leaned backwards and skidded around until she inhaled fresh, outside air. She scampered to the edge of the building, out of view of the windows, and called 911.

When the dispatcher assured her that officers were on the way, she hung up. The nightmare would end soon.




  • from back in your head:

    omg. great sequel. this series is os exciting and your details make this play like a movie in my head. keep it coming.

  • from realities:

    I like all of the different point of views in the sequels. As a daily cube dweller, the story has a real feel to it.