A Fun but Insane Quiz! Yay for insanity. It did catch my attention due to a very long title

by Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy
originally published at 07:30PM on Monday, January 14, 2008

1. It is covered with a teal blue tissue box cover, and I am too lazy to look.
2. My lovely apartment—speaking of which, I need to clean it
3. Such a majority (brown) with minority natural highlights (copper)
4. My dear friend, showed it to me, she has since stopped writing, but I decided to continue
5. I do own things of a very valuable nature…all of my clarinets (all 4), my little gold garnet ring from my grandpa, my pretty white-gold bracelet from my boy friend, my books and journals (He is quite jealous of my love affair with an Mr. Darcy, but we called a truce because I have to deal with his obsession with Giada on the Food Network.)
6. proceeds to turn on lava lamp on desk I think they’re pretty
7. Yes, it is a lovely source of procrastination and keeps me writing
8. Anomaly. I am an anomaly. I am sure many of us on here are as well.
9. Forever Full by The GooGoo Dolls


  • from .:band baby:.:

    Anomaly. Fun word to say.. but don’t know what it means.. hmm I shall go look that up now. =)

    ((it’s true, you learn something new all the time.))

  • from Tad Winslow:

    Love anomaly too. off hand I’m gonna say it means some highly unlikely circumstance coming to fruition. That sounded like a dictionary definition but I swear it isn’t. I may even be wrong.

  • from Tad Winslow:

    I was somewhat right, means uncommon.

  • from Insert Pen Name Here :

    I play clarinet too! though i only have one crappy one.. :)