by Culture Shock w/ Mike Schwartz
originally published at 10:01PM on Monday, January 14, 2008

How can you do this
Call out of the blue
After I’ve vowed
I’m so over you

How can you tell me
You really love her
After I waited
All freakin’ summer

I sat in this chair
Listened to your heart
I was a best friend
Your’s from the start

And then you give nothing
Not a single damn word
I was lost in my sadness
Tangled in the curly phone cord

I called and I called
I desperately tried
Then I moved on
Wiped the tears i had cried

And now you come back
Wanting to vent
Asking for help
With that email you sent

I don’t care what you think
On your words you can choke
You made me a fool
Your like second hand smoke

Thanks for helping me see
How much better i can do
I hope she makes you happy
Because we’re finally through




  • from Mistress Elsha Hawk:

    I love the poem! I really like the image of tying yourself up in the phone cord. Even though it’s so outdated to even have a phone with a curly cord. A long, curly cord. I like the anger and exasperation you’ve captured here.