by Dreamer
originally published at 09:06PM on Thursday, January 17, 2008

I winced at the sound, a small flurry of fireworks shooting through my head again.
Oh God help me!, it was him! I tightened my grip around Wes and closed my eyes, trying to wish him away. No, No!

The hallway was spinning around me,I wanted to run,but I couldn’t.Blake’s face appeared before me’Judie! Judie!’ I screamed trying to run again…

“Judie! Judie! relax, it’s ok!” Wes. I returned to the present again, realizing by my sore throat that I had been screaming.
“What’s wrong with her?Is she ok?What did you do to her?” Blake.An angry Blake.
An angry Wes replied,”What did _ I _ do to her?More like what did _ you _ do to her?”
“I didn’t mean to do anything!”
“Get lost Blake!”
“Why should I get lost?You get lost!”
“Me? Who’s the one who cheated on her?Who’s the one who tried to force her to dance when she didn’t want to?Who’s the one who lied to her?You! get lost you son of a bitch!”
“Judie?”Blake whispered.I pulled myself closer to Wes.”I love you Judie,”and he left.




  • from Dreamer:

    ok the italics aren’t working on I and You, so just imagine it…

  • from Dr. Mousse:

    what a player! oh my goodness. who does blake think he is? nice emotions and descriptions BTW .

  • from lost_at_sea:

    what a jerk!!!!! seriously, does he think that saying “i love you” is going to make things all better?

    nice twist :)

  • from wytherwings:

    wow blake is such a jerk. wes was awesome thou… way to tell him off!
    great job!