Post-It 3

by Rosalienye
originally published at 07:39PM on Sunday, January 20, 2008

His grandfather was very scary. And it’s not that I’ve ever seen him. But if my eyes could see and I saw him, I know I’d go blind again. The man was Brett’s guidance and best friend(besides me) but I don’t think Elias Bratin ever liked me. But if that filth could be understood, then I guess I had no choice. Brett grabbed my stick and helped me down the stairs.
“It’s very sunny, can you feel the sun?”
“Yes, I can. It’s awesome.” I’ve always loved the sun. Brett knew this and always toldme when it was sunny,even though I already knew.
“My grandfather can speak many languages. Maybe he knows what this says.” I tried to get out of going to Elias.
“Uh, Brett, you know, I don’t WANT to know what this says. I just want to know why it’s in my book. MY BOOK .” I whispered.
“If you want to know why it’s there, it might just say as much. Have you ever read this book?”He asked.
“No. I was anticipating a wonderful adventure. Stupid Post-It note!” I growled angily. We stopped. I guess we were there/