Sergeant Fritz Amers

by Bartimaeus
originally published at 07:05PM on Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ashley walked with me to the infirmary where i saw Fritz talking to one of the nurses. I waved at him and he gave a nod of acknowledgement. He walked over with a half-smile on his face.
“Im surprised to you in one piece, Captain, and your little girlfriend too.”
I grinned when i saw her blush.
“Well, since you two and private Reynolds are the only ones left of your team, we’re assigning you some new members. I’ll introduce you later, now follow me so we can straighten out our plans.”
We followed Fritz into a room where several high-ranking men stood.
“We’ve been able to make an estimate on where they’ll make their first move. We’re predicting they’re landing point to be somewhere around here.”
Fritz pointed to a screen mounted on the wall that had zoomed in to a desert south of Olympus Mons.
“We’ll need to mobilize a force to be ready when they land. The Russians should be arriving within 48 hours. We need to hold them off until they can deploy reinforcements. Piece of cake.”




  • from Kermitgorf:

    the russains are coming the russians are coming.. can this be a good thing..

  • from Ridcully Calvert:

    A good story – I have just zipped through the last 4 ficlets at high speed. Very gripping