Diary of a blood red servant

by Blood Red Sky
originally published at 11:05PM on Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Crescent, 5

My master is pleased with this one. He says i am close, only a few more to go. It is almost the new moon. I select my next victim. She is a tall dark woman with black hair. I will enjoy scalping this one. I will learn her daily schedule to keep her within my sights. She is a beautiful one with beautiful blood my master will be pleased.

New, 5

She goes to swork in the morning to drink a ritual drink that is black and bitter. I have planned when to strike. I clean my blade for the sacrifice. She walks to her place of dwelling. I wait. I crouch. I begin the ceremony. Oh the crimson nectar. It feels like milk on my skin still warm from her body. I end the ceremony and bring the body back to my master.

Half, 4

My master was pleased and i am rewarded for my service. I will scout out my prey on the Crescent.




  • from ACORN:

    ha, coffee, black and bitter

    (at leased i think that is what you are talking about)

  • from wytherwings:

    again, creepy….
    ur good at writing creepy things, if i tried to they would just be cheesy adn everyone would laugh =]