Tailor Made

by Stan!
originally published at 04:19PM on Thursday, January 31, 2008

“Well?” Philo said, striking his best cover-of-GQ pose.

Tran looked him up and down, eyes narrowed in concentration. With hands on hips and head slightly cocked, she didn’t look pleased.

“What?” It was the first thing he’d ever owned that hadn’t come off the rack (and the discount rack, at that). Crafted by Tran’s own personal tailor and made from Italian silk imported specifically for use in her fall collection, the suit did things for Philo that he didn’t know clothing could. It made him feel confident and, more amazingly, attractive.

“You don’t like it?”

His voice snapped her back from her mental critique.

“No, darling,” Tran said, her voice like silver chimes on a summer breeze. “It’s divine. It’s just a bit much for tonight.”

Philo still had no idea what they were doing, only that it was going to be a “big night.” Maybe he could lose the tie and trade the slacks for a pair of jeans. That would make him feel more comfortable anyway.

“Should I take something off?”

“Yes,” she cooed. “My blouse.”




  • from Kermitgorf:

    Very witty, and highbrow. entertaining to the max!

  • from White Hat:

    I dunno, but cooing doesn’t seem to be a particularly attractive mode of speech…

  • from Nouvelle Bardot:

    haha, “my blouse”. sounds like something i would have to tell my boyfriend, he’s always borrowing my clothes.

  • from Stan!:

    Sounds like there’s an interesting wardrobe in your relationship.

    Actually, the final exchange was something I ORIGINALLY envisioned for use in a James Bond seduction scene. But it just seemed much fresher when used this way.

    As to the attractiveness of “cooing” ... I think that might be a matter of taste, but the word IS a pretty standard descriptor for playful, coquettish whispering.